Wednesday, December 21, 2011

new day

its new day since yesterday. (<-------GILE!)
wakeup in the morning and im still praying to my beloved friends
and all MUSLIMIN and MUSLIMAT out there.
( good girl )

today's story!
period pain..
every month i will faced it. huh.

so take a pain killer and done. but it getting worst and worst..
tak tahan babe. so ive try to google something about this. and this is it..:


Many women experience pain or discomfort at the time of their periods. For most, the pain or unease is not so severe that it interferes with their daily lives. Some women their monthly period is problematic and almost disabling because of the pain and inconvenience caused. They may have to take time off from school or work and stay at home for one or two days.

Period pain are only sometimes a sign of others disease, like cyst growth, cold ovary or womb, obstructed "Qi" flow and others complications. If period pains are more than an inconvenience then it is wise to take some herbal medicine treatment.

The natural pains are caused by contractions in the musculature of the uterus. The contractions are caused by the release of the body's propagandist, which are hormones produced by the lining of the womb. So, when there are abnormal or cold conditions, it will cause pain.
Usually it is enough just to avoid taking all the cold element food and drinks. When the pain is persistence you have to take our special " Period Herbal Medicine" . It will smoothen the "Qi" flow in the womb and uterus and warming the organs. It will strengthen the total "Qi" energy in your body giving you strength and energy in your daily life. It usually takes 30 to 60 days for good recovery from the Period Pain Problem. Many have been treated and others are still going through our treatment. Its a very common problem.

hope this will help to solve period pain! huu.
second story

adek's result!
this is it.. hari yang adek paling takuti.. WAAHHH. hahahaha. haa..
hamek kau!

mencanak lew.. hahaha.

haa.. keputusan?
atas sebab sebab kemaluan melanda. hahaha.
tau takot!
main banyak!
padan muke. wink2.
tulaa.. len kali belajar.. bukan begaye.. paham?
(nasihat dr aka yg solehah)


here we go again..
i'm not too good in blogging.. but that is not my problem because my blog is my best friend ever!! i only think about it whenever i need to tell something. whenever ive a big problem.
sad and so ever.
didnt mind if i just wrote once a year twice of dozen year it just dont feel sad or leaving me as people outside there that you call "FRIEND".
truly friend? demit.

i really dont know how to help whenever i cant!!!
Ya Allah....knp Kau akhiri tahun ini dengan banyaknye berita sedih dari kawan kawan ku? kenapa kau akhiri tahun ini dengan cubaan sebesar itu kepada rakan rakan ku?.
mungkin ini tanda bermula nye tahun baru dan harapan baru.

one of my friend lost her bf this month.
sgt suram. sgt tragis. sgt menyayat hati.! (ayat skema da)
its true. ive not seen this moment ever in my life. this will be the first.
before ni just dgr cerite. tp kali ni its happening. be strong my girl.. i know u can. wat is past let it be the best memories ever.
what is in future let it be the one will faced.
even alone witout him.
all of ur friend will be by ur side oke?

dear friend. jgn sesekali pon kau menyerah oke? jgn lah sesekali putus asa. he will not be happy to see u like that. oke? tu je kate2 yg bole aku bg.. im useless! nothing that i can do to help her.

and also. to my dearest sis! she said that she is deaf.
hampir! babe.
i am so sorry to know that. sis.
im so sorry if all this time im just playing and joking with ur Serius Problem that u faced!!!

i know its hard.

tp akak buat smua tuh just to make u laugh!

i just want to see u smile.

im so sorry sebab mmg tadapat buat ape2..

useless sakina!!!!!
so sorry.. :(
sebesalah gile sbb selalu memain dgn masalah pndgrn tuh..
maaf.. really sorry.
minta maaf kalu kecik hati..

maaf kalu rase rendah diri sebb kate2 yg akak penah cakap. im really sorry!!!!!!!
jgn la putus ase... sabar oke.

p/s: dear friends... dont u dare forget that there must be WHY we experiencing whatever we experiencing now ya?? please be save and my pray will always be by ur side.